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Organize Your CPA Practice in Cloud

Your individual and business clients depends upon you to provide them with information at all times. With our customize CRM system for CPA firms you can organize your entire practice in the cloud. Gather your client information, tax interviews, notes, documents, emails and other information online so you can access it from anywhere in the world and instantly provide answers to your client questions.

Time Clock In / Out

Keep track of your employees hours. You can even only allow them to clock in or out from your site or allow them to access from anywhere.

Gift Card / Coupons Tracking

Do you issue future credit for tax preparation services or consulting services. Now you can track every kind of future credit you issue to your clients. You can use this information to directly market to these customers and encourage them to visit you again during the next tax season.

Project Tracking (Time & Stage)

Track how much time are you spending on each Project (e.g 2014 XYZ Corp. Tax Return - 20 Hrs) and keep an eye out for all projects. Automatically inform your customers about the project progress and automatically remind customer about the missing items.

Contact List (Leads / Accounts)

CRM system will you organize your contacts into leads, and accounts. You can also track your contacts based upon Stage or any other criteria you may need.

Tracking Opportunities

Divide each project into an opportunity and organize all records around that opportunity. E.g 2013 Tax Return vs 2014 Tax Return. That way all documents, communication, notes for the 2013 Tax Return stays in one place and 2014 information remains in another place for easy future access.

Document Storage

Save all your clients documents online linked with your clients account for easy access or give them direct access to upload files and automatically link to their account.

Automate Your CRM Practice

Our customized CRM System for CPAs will help you automate many aspects of your business including Appointment Reminders, Deadline Reminders, Document Collections, Invoice Reminders, Project Updates and much more. System is flexible enough to help you incorporate your process.

Missing Client Documents

Do you have clients who fail to provide the required documents till the last minute. CRM system can send out an automated reminder to customers to send in the missing documents and keep track of each email that was sent out to remind them about their responsibility.

Deadline Reminders

System can automatically send out "Reminders" based upon Account Type and Services selected. E.g Payroll Reminder, Quarterly Tax Reminder, 1099 Reminder.

Logging Calls From/To Clients

Automatically log all calls to and from your clients. We provide on premises or cloud based system that automatically integrates with the CRM system.

Appointment Reminder

Send out an automated appointment reminder via email or via text message. You may also choose to give clients an option to cancel the appointment online or call your office.

Send Out Project Updates

Keep your tax clients happy and informed by sending them automated project updates about the progress of their accounting/tax returns preparation.

Link All Staff Emails To Client

Save all client interaction between the client and your staff in the CRM system for easy access. You can easily see all communication in one place under your clients account.
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