CRM For Franchisors

CRM For Franchisors

Franchising is a very unique industry that requires a good integrated CRM that includes a portal for Franchisees, Sales and Support Management System, Automated Marketing Features, Social Connections, and integration with various business applications.

How about integration with Google Apps or Dropbox ? Ability to attach documents with your franchisee leads or franchisees. For example - you can attach the FDD Receipt or NDA with Franchisee records.

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Franchisees Recruitment System
Key requirement of our clients is to easily capture and manage leads to recruit new franchisees. Franchisers want a fast system that can instantly search within thousands of records, forecast sales and keeps them updated with potentials pipelines. Franchisers like to create timely reminders, and send automated emails based upon time and sales stages.
Access CRM on iPhone or Andriod
Losing a sales lead is not an option for Franchisers and therefore they prefer a system that is available in office or via smart phones like Andriod and iPhone. You can even access your records while flying in airplane mode.
Monitor All Email Activity In One Place
Franchisers like to see all emails (sent or received) within the lead record. Good CRM will show all the eMails sent and received by you but also provide you with an option to see emails sent and received by your entire staff. Our customize solution will allow you choose which emails accounts you would like to share with the entire office and which ones you would like to keep private.
Automatically Find Records for Incoming Calls
No need to look up records for people making an incoming call to your office. Little pop up show on your CRM screen and display the record associated with the incoming call. At this point, you can view the record, and/or log the call.
Click to Dial and Call Logging
We can integrate the CRM with your phone system. This will allow you to simply click a button to make an outgoing call. This one feature alone can save your sales person couple hours a day of dialing time. Once the call is made, you can log the call along with your call results for future reference. Create a follow up call or task for future date.
Integrated Power Dialer
Stop wasting time waiting for people to pick up the phone. Power Dialer allows you to call multiple lines at once and hands you can once user picks up the phone. Quickly leave pre-recorded voice mails. Create various calling list.
Sales Management For Franchisee Locations
You can also manage the entire sales process for your Franchisees locations. You can allow them to participate in the sales process or you can do the sales for them and provide them with limited access.
Franchisee Portal
Want to provide limited access to some information from your CRM to your franchisees ? No need to purchase additional licenses. We can built and integrate a Franchisee portal with the CRM so that your franchisees can log in with their username/password and access the information.

Custom CRM For Franchisors

You will be glad to know that our primary focus is on implementing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for various Franchisors across United States and Canada.  We find franchising industry very interesting because each Franchise Business is a sales organization that help hundreds of other small businesses to grow and prosper by following their proven sales system. In order to deliver consistent quality results, franchisers require a scalable, fast, always available and integrated CRM system that can help them keep the eye on prize.  This is where we come in.
We understand the franchise business from inside out.  We understand the franchisee recruitment process. We know the importance of NDA’s and FDD. We know how to streamline the recruitment process to help you quickly move your Franchisee Lead from various sales stages.  In simple words – we can help you close more franchise sales in less time.  However, your CRM system won’t stop just because you closed the sale. Contact us to learn how our customize CRM solution can help your growing franchise business.
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